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This project represents a new trend in the construction of family houses.

In the beginning, it was thought to offer family houses that would be built on the basis of shipping shipping containers HC40.

However, during the survey, various calculations and unsuitable height it was found that it is not very suitable to use these modular constructions for this purpose from the point of view of poor handling and more laborious steel construction.

During the two years of development with the design office, our own design and manufacture of the steel structure was designed to be simple, cheap, robust, marketable and suitable for various types of buildings.

  • The design of the technological solution is primarily to ensure the functional and long-term stable construction of the structure and also to solve the conditions of the indoor climate of family houses. Initially, a custom-built, robust steel structure will be designed and used.
  • When the first model building of the model house starts, the holes in the soil with a diameter of 40cm and a depth of min. 1m will be mechanically excavated for the manufacture of reinforced concrete footings that will be insulated.
  • The base mounting steel structure will be seated on the foot plate. This design will be designed to meet the most stringent static and fire conditions .
  • Next, a trench will be excavated between the perimeter feet to a non-freezing depth of 200mm to fit the perimeter and carefully reinforced lost shuttering th . 150mm and will be subsequently insulated by waterproofing . The perimeter min 100mm will be glued to this lost formwork. The perimeter can be subsequently (according to the customer) made tiles, marmolite , silicate, aggregates, etc.
  • Under the house, topsoil will be torn down to Prague. Approx. 400mm, where a geotextile of 400g / m2 will be laid .
  • Subsequently, utility networks will be installed, which will be backfilled and compacted with gravel fraction 16/32.
  • floors will consist of a perimeter of min. 2x100mm, which will be installed on the gravel subfloor and subsequently covered with geotextile 400g / m2 + waterproofing (eg Glastek40 mineral radon .)
  • The floor structure will consist of closed cores 50x50x5mm, which will be firmly connected to the basic steel structure.
  • The base of the floor construction is a waterproof plywood 22mm double into the cross, which is used, for example, in shipping ship containers, which last for a long time. 100mm 100mm EPS 150 will be installed on this plywood .
  • In the case of floor heating, PE foil + thermal insulation boards will be installed. Everything will be sealed with a 22mm double-ply cement fiber board. Any type of floor finish can be used on this building board.
  • The outer cladding is designed with PUR panels th . 150mm by Kingspan .
  • The inner cladding will consist of a building board (plasterboard, OSB board, cement- fiber board, planks, plexiglass etc. (according to the investor's choice).
  • Insulation and vapor protection will be inserted between the inner and outer sheaths to ensure maximum noise, heat and fire resistance. In this procedure, care must be taken to ensure that the penetrations (for example, bitumel tape) are sealed perfectly .
  • There will be wiring between the cladding and the internal walls formed of the building boards (wiring, sanitary installations, or air conditioning. The ceiling will be formed in a similar way as the perimeter walls where mineral insulation will be reinserted.
  • The roof structure is made of steel rolled I beams 160x75x7,4mm. These profiles will be welded L profiles 50x50x5mm. These laths will be fitted with roof battens on which any roofing material can be covered, followed by a gutter system + lightning conductor. The roof can be arbitrary according to the investor's choice (counter, flat, saddle). Its use can be designed as a storage space or can be subsequently used for living.
  • Heating, wiring, ventilation-recuperation can be designed and made similar to standard brick family houses.
  • These houses can also be offered in variant B, ie settling on high steel beams approximately 2m - 2.5m above the final terrain. Such a house has an advantage over floods and no need to build a garage. This area under the cottage can also be used as a terrace.
  • The gutter systems can be made on request, so that they will not be visible at first sight. Heating of gutters with heating cables will be offered as standard.
  • Rain containers or wells are always made according to the type and location of the site.
  • Of course, the houses can be built on more floors (no influence on the statics of the lower modules)


  • Low acquisition costs and fast construction thanks to well-designed technology
  • Atypical design
  • Modern technology
  • 90% is dry construction
  • Robust steel construction
  • Excellent thermal insulation, fire and sound insulation properties
  • Choice of multiple types and colors of PUR sheathing panels
  • Multiple interior wall and floor types can be selected
  • We do not build a standard base plate (great time and money savings)
  • Resistant to all weather conditions
  • Long life
  • Choosing more technology solutions
  • Possibility to offer on 2-3 meter steel beams (garage under the house)


  • Ing. Sheet. Jiří Vrbík (construction main projection)
  • Dr. Ing. Tomáš Novotný - (steel structure projection, authorized structural engineer)
  • Marek Horáček (project founder, executive, electrician, budget manager)
  • Patrik Havránek (founder of the project, bookkeeping, negotiations with authorities, contracts)
  • Martin Skoupil (project founder, executive, plumber-heating engineer, budget manager)
  • Jan Šindler (former companion, car mechanic, masonry and tiling, budgeting)
  • Pavel Smrčka (IT technician, web application creation)
  • Jan Crhák (locksmith-welder-assembly worker of steel structures)
  • Martin Crhák (locksmith-welder-assembly worker of steel structures)
  • Ing. Petr Plhal - geodet
  • Mgr. Libor Sedlařík - building office Šumperk, help with bureaucracy
  • JUDr. Mrazek & JUDr. Žák - law firm
  • Jan Kubíček - roofing and plumbing
  • Jiri Kubicek - assembly worker cladding
  • David Friday - Cladding Assembly Worker
  • Pavel Halaxa - plasterboard assembly, masonry and tile work)
  • Ing. Miroslav Fistr - revisions and tests of wiring
  • Ing. Jaromír Achilis - electrical equipment projection
  • Lukáš Popelka - joiner-manufacture and assembly of kitchens
  • Milan Červený - delivery and installation of custom-made windows

You may think that today there are many construction companies dealing with prefabricated buildings.

Yes, it's true. Unfortunately, most of them are equal and merely copied.

It is built from various glued boards, between which PUR foam is applied. For example, wood chip boards, cetris boards, and the like.

Basically, it's a system like ours, but not quite. The disadvantage is in price, durability and durability.

They constantly present on their websites how energy-efficient houses are insulated, resistant to fire, noise and so on.

I sometimes have to laugh at this as the main founder of the project, because I was personally in such buildings personally

"as a serious candidate". J. Of course, I was just doing a market research.

I can tell with a smile that they are lying almost in everything. After all, it is enough to have a designer who gives them the paper that it is

an energy-efficient house, but where is the truth at all? Nobody knows. They only attract clients and they lubricate honey around their mouth.

Fortunately, our goal is different and nobody in the Czech Republic is building houses the way we want.

We want our clients to be fully satisfied with the house built by our team.

Most of all, the internet offers of the cheapest houses make me the most (for example, the usable area of 80m2

for the price of 1.200.000CZK incl. VAT. But they don't say on the phone what the house contains for that price. They only lure

client to his office, where the price is substantially different after consultation. Compared to a car, it's like buying a Dacia

Logan basic equipment.

Houses contain Polish fixtures, wiring is basically like the 80's (two drawers, two switches and two stalls)

IKEA kitchen for 6000 CZK and 80 mm fan on the toilet, which looks from the side of the facade. Personally, I would compare it to MOBILHEIM J

If a customer wants a reasonable and economical house with a reasonable floor space of reasonable space for reasonable money,

pays unfortunately for him at least 2.500.000CZK incl. VAT. At these prices, he makes really basic and reasonable

technologically equipped house. (Of course, without any other common equipment today.

Our team can build a house with a floor area of 82 square meters at a cost of around CZK 1,900,000 excluding VAT. For this price the house contains

beautiful kitchen around 100.000CZK, heating (primary fireplace with exchanger and secondary electric boiler), underfloor heating

with regulation with standard regulation via mobile phone, camera system 4 cameras in 4K resolution and recording on 14

days also with mobile phone connection, middle class fixtures, light fixtures, 2xWC, good and beautiful

solved bathroom, walkway around the house, terrace, shelter for 2 vehicles etc. Such a house can be marketed around

2.800.000CZK incl. VAT. If we remove circumstances such as sidewalks and finishes, we will also get a sales price around

2.500.000Kč. In this way, the customer really acquires a robust and energy-efficient house.

from 76 924 EUR
to 96 154 EUR
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