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Cooking burgers or pizza

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The essence of the project is to give people what they want, but in such a quality that they come again and again and again. The essence of the project is to make an honest kitchen without semi-finished products, to have a regular clientele and to have profits.

I intend to start a business with a friend, in the field of gastronomy. We have already thought of it so that I would cook and a friend would deliver food. We lack the initial deposit, when we need to buy the necessary equipment and rent a room where you could cook. In my head and in my heart is the image of a great company, where people like to return for quality. My motto is that the customer should return to you and not your product. I have in my heart to make honest food for people that they will fall in love with and will be willing to pay properly for quality. I don't want to do charity, but I also don't want to rob people. I would like to have a company where there will be tzkv. "win-win" situation where both the customer and me will be satisfied. I also enclose a few pictures from my home cooking. Everything would be done "at home", so it would not be any semi-finished products. Thank you for your effort and read my mission, maybe my vision.

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