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WORLD EXPLORER - travel application

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A travel app that helps you plan your trip anywhere, in the easiest way. During the trips it will offer you interesting places and objects. For each monument you will also find a historical description.

As for the application, we would see it as a navigation, for the time being in the Czech Republic (if the application seized, we would like to extend coverage to Europe, or possibly the rest of the world), and the map would show monuments and various objects for travelers. Everyone could choose from trips already made, or they can plan it themselves.

The idea is that you open our home or wherever you are, our app and choose to go on a trip around Prague and choose where to start and see the surrounding objects you would like to visit. When he sets out on his journey, going through selected places, he can offer him and see nearby attractions to visit. When he is at the selected monument, he can open the monument in the application and read something about its history, etc.

So we would like the app to include: navigation, total summary of km per trip, offer of sights (location, distance from the current location of the tourist, photos, opening hours, prices of sights, etc.), possibility to create your own list or route for the trip.

We would like to realize this application, especially for travel lovers. We think everyone would like to visit and discover something new, or see more goals than he or she found. It could also be a benefit for objects that are not very well known and visited, this application could also recommend them, and it could also be beneficial for the owners of the objects.

I would also like to add that we would like to add a list in which there would be Czech regions and under them there would be monuments, etc. Also, so that there was a chance to rozkliknout memory and look at the description and photos of the selected item.

The sooner the application is created, the sooner travelers will have an easier way to plan trips and arouse greater excitement in them.

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