Rules of The Competion


  1. Rules of the competition. The "Project of the Year 2019" Contest of Ideas and Projects is organized by the non-profit organization Metaka, z.s. The mission of the competition is to support innovative business projects and application of research and development results. Participation in the competition is free of charge.
  2. Placement of Competition's Rules. All information of the competition can be found at The timetable, including the closing date of the competition, is always at the time on the web site listed above. Logins and following steps necessary for the project filled in are realized through the internet portal
  3. Members of the completion. Each participant is a natural person, a self-employed person or a legal entity who registers and processes the project on the portal and at the same time agrees with the conditions of the competition. Anyone interested in participating in the competition must register and process the project filled into the portal till the term published in the competition schedule. The competition can involve both individuals and groups with an enterprising spirit and good ideas. There is a condition of originality of the project that the project has not been realized before signing up the project into the competition.
  4. Professional jury and evaluation of signed up projects. The evaluation of all registered projects on the internet portal is based on the decision of three-member committee of representatives from Metaka z.s. In first round it will be selected TOP 10 projects and TOP 10 ideas. Those selected projects and ideas will be subsequently evaluated by a professional jury published in the current composition on the competition website. The organization of the evaluation process is fully within the jurisdiction of the jury. The jury may request a personal presentation and discussion with the submitter. Projects are evaluated according to the following criteria: Project feasibility 35%, Growth potential and originality of the idea 35%, Project quality 30%.
  5. Prices and Investors. Prizes will be awarded to the winners according to their final ranking. No claim can be made on the win or claiming a change in the outcome of the trial. The jury reserves the right not to award all prizes. The jury is the only competent assessor of all projects and only on the basis of its evaluation all the prizes are awarded, and its decision cannot be appealed. All projects are presented to investors on the internet portal In case of the following cooperation in in between the member of the competition and possible investor depends on the agreement between the competitor and the investor, and Metaka z.s. cannot carry responsibility for the extent, form and results of that dealings or agreements.
  6. Announcement of results. Announcement of the results of the competition will take place according to the schedule on the spot, which the organizers of the competition will determine on the pages of the competition. The dat of final ceremonial is a date of announcement of the results and prizes will be give to winners whose will be personally invited by the competition's committee. The results will also be available on the competition site, which you can find at Organizer who is non-profit company Metaka z.s. reserves the right to change the conditions of the competition and individual prizes, and will try to answer all questions in case of confusion. Any questions that are unadjusted or unforeseen will be resolved by the organizer.


  1. Opening of the competition:               Feb 2nd, 2019.
  2. Deadline for registration:                     Oct 31st, 2019.
  3. Publication of finalists:                          Nov 7th, 2019.
  4. Presentation of final projects:             Nov 21st, 2019.
  5. Deadline for the competition:             Nov 30th, 2019.
  6. Formal Announcement:                       Dec 14th, 2019.