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A project is a plan for which investors will provide money to you. If you build your project well and carefully, you have a chance.

At this moment you are in the MY PROJECTS section on the back desktop; the projects created by you will be displayed here. The money is with the investors, while the opportunities are in your head. Enter a project and start something – something new!!!

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By the Investor’s visit card the investor entices the project authors to offer their project to them. He/she has money. He/she wishes to invest it into a new Start-Up project. An attractive visit card will cause that the authors will want you for their project.  


Your preciseness with which you present yourself is their first strongest impulse. Your visit card is YOU for them!!! At this moment you are in the MY VISIT CARDS section at the back desktop, where the visit cards that you have created will be shown. If you wish to invest in a Start-Up project, ENTER one or more VISIT CARDS and be ahead of the game. You would be surprised to learn just how many interesting and successful projects have gone through the Ideas Market since 2009.
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Realizuji vaše hmotné nápady 24.9.2019 Dobrý den, jsem živnostník a… 0
Realizuji vaše nápady 20.9.2019 Dobrý den, jsem živnostník a… 0

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If you like somebody's project or investor's visit card, click the Favourite button: Now you are in the MY FAVOURITE section on the back desktop, where all your favourite objects of the other users will be shown – but NO CRIBBING!!!

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idea Life Goal Dobrý den, zde na portálu mám repektive inzerát v odvětví nápadů kategorie průmysl a technologie. ID mého článku je 275. Tam se dozvíte více info o možnosti mého investování. 20.9.2019

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